Where in the World is Wandering Earl?

Derek Earl Baron is a traveler that documents his never-ending journey in his online blog Wandering Earl. In 1999, ‘Earl’ departed from the United States to Southeast Asia for a three month post-graduation trip. That trip has yet to end.

The blog Wandering Earl began in 2009, after ten years of travel. Since 2009, Earl has captured the attention of travel enthusiasts everywhere. In fact, his blog has received so much attention that it was featured in TIME’s list of the Top 25 blogs of 2012.

What separates Earl from other aspiring travel bloggers is that his writing style is casual and conversational. When perusing through a blog post it feels like Earl is talking face to face with his readers. He is upfront and honest, which helps to maintain a trust with his readers, and he doesn’t sensationalize.

Another art of Earl’s is his storytelling. As one can imagine, stories are plentiful when travelling around the world, and how one transcribes those stories can be vital. In Earl’s most recent post, he talks about his less than ideal experience at the Taj Mahal (or rather, the bathroom of his hotel). Readers love a great story, and that is certainly something Earl delivers consistently.

Earl includes many photos in his blog posts which give readers a clue as to what different cultures are like. All of Earl’s photos are visually appealing and carefully plotted out; his photos have purpose.

As far as frequency of posts go, Earl usually posts once every few days. With all of the travelling that he does, it can be difficult to post daily. The length of his posts range depending on the topic. However, despite occasional lengthy posts, he still garners between 30-60 comments on a post. His most popular post about how he can afford his travels resulted in over 800 comments.

Earl is very similar to Nomadic Matt in that both are young travel bloggers with a consistent following. Like Nomadic Matt, Earl has written eBooks about how to travel efficiently and necessary supplies to bring along. Earl is even now allowing followers to travel along with him and experience first hand the trials and tribulations of being a permanent nomad.

Earl has visited 83 countries around the world so far and has been on the road since 1999. I emailed him with some questions but he has yet to get back to me. His blog is certainly on the rise. I am jealous of him, because what can be greater than travelling wherever you damn well please in the world for free and blogging about your experiences?


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