Supportive Steps for Sexual Assault Victims

*Update: No more monkey posts, the Rhesus monkey lab on UMass’ campus does not take interviews so sadly I had to abandon my news package. However, fear not, I have found a new topic.

Many people get sexually assaulted each year. It changes lives forever. How victims cope with this assault and taking the right steps to recovery becomes vital. Here are three necessary step in dealing with sexual assault:

1. Go to a Hospital Within 24 Hours of the Act:
If one is sexually assaulted, they should go to a hospital emergency room within the next 24 hours. Each hospital has a specialized team to provide medical attention and counseling. They collect forensic evidence and support the terrified victims. This can be an emotionally settling experience for the victim and can help them to decide whether or not to pursue legal action.

2. Call an Assault Crisis Hotline: 

There are assault and rape crisis hotlines available for victims. These hotlines refer the victim to assault and rape centers. The centers offer free confidential information, support and referrals. Also, the internet can serve as a help to assault victims. The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, is one of the most widely known hubs for helping assault victims.

3. After Seeking Medical Attention, Report to Authorities:

If a victim chooses to file a report with the police, they need to be upfront and honest. They can’t be afraid to reveal what happened to them, although that is a natural reaction to fabricate or hide something of that magnitude. Most sexual assaults are not reported to the police for that reason. Another reason assault cases are not reported is because the victim is thought of as a witness to the case and will therefore be scrutinized more in court, and the experience is something that not many want to rehash. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to tell authorities.

Sexual assault is a traumatizing experience for victims. It has life altering physical and mental effects. However, how one copes with sexual assault can be the difference from life or death.


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