Just Monkeying Around

Rhesus monkeys are usually seen in zoos. Their most natural habitat is in southeast Asia. However, not this particular monkey. This young macaque had been roaming the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida for over three years. That’s right, three years.

The monkey had been wandering around St. Petersburg and hanging out in local trees attempting to avoid Wildlife Rescue and Rehab. It remarkably succeeded in doing so for three years before being caught by authorities. The monkey was shot with two tranquilizer darts by a wildlife employee. The mischievous monkey, in a last stitch effort, consciously yanked the first dart out of its body before finally being taken down by the second.

The monkey caused quite a stir when it bit a woman on the neck. It was deemed dangerous as a result and has been tried to be captured ever since. The monkey became somewhat of a sensation in St. Petersburg, garnering a Facebook page in the midst of the chaos.

Since its capture, the monkey has been examined for disease and will be found a suitable habitat in the coming days.



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