Top 5 Career Lessons

Top 5 Lessons for My Career

1. Being a Beta

You need to take responsibility yourself in knowing about the industry. Invest yourself in whatever you want to do. Surround yourself with it. Immerse yourself in its daily practices. We are like farmers, they grow their own crops, we grow our own careers.

2. “Hustling

As things continue to move faster, as technology continues to grow and grow, people need to be programmed to step out on a ledge. Make yourself vulnerable. Take risks. Try new things. And most importantly have the ability to keep up with the changing times. If you don’t have “hustle” then you are already at a disadvantage in the business world. You limit yourself from possible breakout opportunities.

3. Combining Skills

Scott Adams says that “It’s unlikely that any average student can develop world-class skill in one particular area”. Instead, in order to maximize your worth in the business world, learn to develop an array of skills. It is simpler and more valuable to be able to conquer several tasks fairly well than to spend time attempting to master one task. In this day and age, the more you know how to do, the more valuable you are to companies looking to hire.

4. Write What You Love

“Revealed: What I Learned Working at Business Insider” taught me something. Write what you love. Some of your most prized stories, and ones that you think are going to be sure-fire hits, don’t turn out that way. Story popularity is virtually impossible to predict. Keeping readers in mind is very important. However, write what you care and feel a strong passion for. Don’t hold back your feelings, and always be honest in what you write. You may be surprised at how writing about your own personal excitement can yield large followings.

5. Read Before You Write

In the Pringle Lecture, Nate Silver talks about how one of the most fundamental mistakes in writing is not reading. People think that writing is merely typing out words or staring at a cursor until words appear. However, reading is step one in the writing process. And you should learn to read everything, from blogs to scholarly articles. Reading gives you more knowledge and allows you more material to write about.

These are all lessons that I will take into account as I prepare to enter the business world.



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