Bill Squared

Bill Simmons and Bill Barnwell work side by side in the blogosphere. Both are columnists for the ESPN affiliated, who cover a vast array of sports related topics. Both are talented writers with a master in sports knowledge. Both sculpt obscure sports information into easily readable prose. And both tie for the ever-so-coveted prize of being my favorite blogger.

Bill Simmons, also known as the “Sports Guy”, is exactly what his nickname prescribes him to be: a sports guy. He has extensive knowledge on sports, but when it comes to his blogging, he doesn’t have a specific concentration. One day he will write about the travesty that was the NFL replacement refs and the next he will be posting about LeBron James’ quest for basketball immortality. I think what makes me enjoy Bill Simmons so much is that he is a Boston sports fan through and through. He is not afraid to show his unending love with Boston sports in his blogs and podcasts. Being a Boston sports aficionado myself, I can relate to the trials and tribulations that the Sports Guy experiences with his sports teams.

Bill Barnwell has no widely known nickname like Simmons does, but his contributions to Grantland sure haven’t gone unnoticed. Unlike Simmons, Barnwell does have a set focus: the NFL. He blogs nearly daily about all that is the NFL. He delves into topics and teams and players to examine and predict what could, should, and will happen with them. His writing style is very passionate and bold. His posts are lengthy but are worth the time to read. Although less well known than Bill Simmons (he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page!), Bill Barnwell is equally as valuable to my sports infatuation, leading me back to his blog posts time and time again.


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