Towing Temptations

Ernie’s Towing Service is the sole towing company for the UMass Amherst campus. Their job requires them to tow illegally parked cars out of lots and back to their car compound. Time and time again vehicles are transported away and time and time again students moan and groan about Ernie’s. However, fellow students, I’m telling you that this can be easily avoided.

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but I’m not about to tell a sneaky secret about how to avoid Ernie’s and their fees.

Frankly, there is none.

Instead, I’ll offer a simpler solution to avoid Ernie’s: PARK WHERE YOU ARE PERMITTED. Students are constantly complaining about their cars being towed over the weekends. They empty out their rage on the towing company. However, Ernie’s is just doing their job. Be mad at yourself. Kids are blinded by their own hubris, often times thinking “No way I will get caught parking here, it’s a Friday night!”. Sure enough, the next morning they find themselves at the back of a long line at the car compound.

Now I understand where students come from, after all, I am one myself. They think it quicker to take a car to a party or to a pregame, or find it easier than worrying about bus schedules. Although that may be true, are students really that lazy? It takes fifteen minutes for a bus. Or God forbid students walk somewhere nowadays. Sure your car may get lucky once, but consider that a blessing, because it sure as hell doesn’t happen twice. It’s pure arrogance is what it is. Students think they can beat the system.

So if you want to risk it and park illegally be my guest. However, I will stick with Lot 22, the one I was assigned, and avoid having to make the trek some Saturday morning to the compound. It’s not a science people, just park where you are supposed to. Ernie’s will find illegally parked cars: it’s their job, they get paid by the school to do what they do. And they’re damn good at it.


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