The Life of James Poniewozik

James Poniewozik is a blogger and TV critic for the entertainment section of TIME. He writes TIME’s column Tuned In, which is devoted to the critiquing of television programs.

Poniewozik is very opinionated in his critiques of new television shows. With the new fall season of TV just hatching, Poniewozik has been producing TV Tonight posts about what can and can’t be expected from these new shows.

What makes Poniewozik exciting and engaging as a writer is his ability to avoid simply summarizing a show. Instead, he offers insight, comparisons, and matter of fact conclusions. In his recent post about Boardwalk Empire, Poniewozik expresses his distaste for the death of what he thought to be a vital character in the show. Poniewozik is not afraid to say what he thinks. Although he talks extensively about new TV programs, he rarely spoils the premiere of a show.

As far as the frequency of Poniewozik’s blog posts goes, he is quite consistent. He usually has at least one blog post a day. Although, there will be times where he goes one or two days without putting up a post. It really depends upon what’s TV programs are on that night.

The posts from Poniewozik rarely trump 10 comments. However, Poniewozik occasionally will get an outburst of comments as was the case in his post today regarding pollsters being biased where he received 84 comments.

Poniewozik is very flexible in his TV coverage and critiques. He doesn’t limit himself to TV shows. He posted about both the Democratic and Republican Conventions as well as made predictions for last Sunday’s Emmy Awards.

In order to be able to follow Poniewozik daily, one must be very educated with their TV programs. Personally, I am not. I don’t even have a show that I follow consistently. And because Poniewozik makes comparisons between characters of shows so often, it makes it difficult to follow. That being said, he still finds a way to appeal to those who don’t watch so much television.

I have never seen a quote in one of Poniewozik’s posts. He presents his own opinions regarding TV programs. However, he definitely does his research. He knows more information about a show than one can imagine. I often wonder how much time he spends per week watching television.

James Poniewozik is very knowledgeable when it comes to television, and although I’m not nearly as knowledgeable, I would love to have his job.


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