9/11 Digital Imaging

September 11th, 2001 was one of the most infamous days in the history of the United States. It was a tragic day,  a day that our nation came under attack and brought terror to hearts and shock to faces of millions of innocent Americans with the calculated hijacking of several airlines and the demise of the Twin Towers as well as the destruction of the Pentagon. Our nation has since progressed but has never forgotten that dreadful day.

I remember precisely where I was on September 11th. It is quite the episodic memory. Sitting with my fourth grade classmates on the rug, watching Ms. Smith cry uncontrollably while attempting to comprehend why. After getting a briefing on the events, I went home later that day to ask my parents. Then I saw the videos, the photos, and the interviews. That was when I realized the magnitude of the events.

Pictures can speak 1000 words. The more 9/11 photos that I see, the more my jaw drops. I thought it appropriate, being only a few weeks removed from honoring the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, to choose a digital image gallery based on that memorable day. The images are largely eye opening. They are 45 of the most moving 9/11 photos that I’ve ever seen. The reason behind my choosing of this digital imaging gallery is because it was one of the most notoriously historic days of my 20 years of life.

Although I cannot possibly narrow to favorites in this gallery, I will certainly highlight a few that I find particularly inspiring and incredible. Photo #5 shows the horror on the faces of civilians as they hopelessly watch the events unfold. I imagine most Americans had this reaction when witnessing, either live or in highlights, the 9/11 attacks. Seeing this, it’s understandable why people had such a reaction. One of the most famous photos resulting from the 9/11 attacks is the photo of firefighters raising the US flag amid the rubble of the towers. It will forever be a symbol of national pride.

It’s difficult to hone in on a few images because every photo in the gallery is so powerful in its own way. Every photo has its own place. The digital imaging gallery depicts 9/11 in one of the most effective ways I have ever seen. It brings me back to that infamous day on the rug in Ms. Smith’s fourth grade class.


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